Welcome to the Botanical Garden of the US Virgin Islands

  • St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser
    Help Us to Fill Our Pot Of Gold by St. Patrick’s Day!
  • Meet The People Who Make it Happen: Catherine Jarvis
    With a  smiling face and a friendly word, Catherine Jarvis, lovingly known as “Miss Catherine”, has greeted guests in our Garden Store since June 6, 2011.  Keeping the shelves stocked and beautifully displayed Miss Catherine is known for her sense of humor and wit.  Originally from Dominica, she especially loves working at the store because
  • Welcome to The Desert
    I don’t think any of us needed reminding that we are in a severe drought, but historic levels of Sahara dust have arrived anyway. The strange effect reminds me of so many odd things like fog in New England to overcast winter days in Ohio. While the Sahara Air Layer (SAL) over us will make
  • The Cacao Tree
    Who doesn’t love chocolate?! Join St George Village Botanical Garden’s Executive Director, Dewey Hollister, on a botanical journey from the New World to the Old World as you learn more about the delicious Cacao or Cocoa Tree. Find out how it got its scientific name Theobroma cacao which translates to “Food of the Gods”.
  • Rubber Tree (Ficus Elastica)
    In this week’s episode of “In the Garden with Dewey”, St. George Village Botanical Garden Executive Director, Dewey Hollister, explores the tropical rubber tree, Ficus Elastica (a strangler fig) trees that grow on St Croix and discusses some of their interesting characteristics!