Mini Gusto 2020: Students in Action

Students from Good Hope Country Day School recently worked a week at the Garden to help rebuild window shutters, as well as move a part of the African Provision Garden to a new location in the Fruit Orchard. The move was necessary so that a major stabilization of the nearby Overseer’s House can begin.

The African Provision Garden is an education garden that features many of the fruits and vegetables that enslaved Africans grew at Estate St. George during the colonial era to supplement their often meager rations provided by the plantation owner.

Students from Good Hope Country Day prepared the soil, spread mulch, and helped to plant okra, cassava, and arrowroot.

We are grateful to Dilani Frorup, Sydney Cornwall, Amirah Yusuf, Fleur Zarzeczny and Eduardo Quero for all their enthusiastic work.