Catherine Jarvis

Meet The People Who Make it Happen: Catherine Jarvis

With a  smiling face and a friendly word, Catherine Jarvis, lovingly known as “Miss Catherine”, has greeted guests in our Garden Store since June 6, 2011. 

Keeping the shelves stocked and beautifully displayed Miss Catherine is known for her sense of humor and wit.  Originally from Dominica, she especially loves working at the store because of all the activities at the Garden that bring different types of people in to see her.  

“Cruise Ships bring people from everywhere and it’s always interesting to meet them. It’s a wonderful, comfortable place to work” shares Miss Catherine.

In addition to her store hours, she has always found time to assist with events like our Christmas Gala and Mango Melee.  She is a truly valued and loved member of our Garden family. 

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