Adopt a Spot

The Adopt a Spot program helps ensure the continued funding of the Staff Horticulturist and contributes to the maintenance and development of the Botanical Garden.

An annual gift for sponsorship of a special part of the Garden will be recognized with a sign designating the sponsor within the adopted plot, as well as on all our promotions and displays. All gifts are, of course, tax deductible.

Adopted Spots With Sponsors

Blacksmith’s Shop: Owen Harper and Catherine Blakely In honor of Lucy Tucker

Factory Crotons: Owen Harper and Catherine Blakely

Lime Kiln: Owen Harper and Catherine Blakely

Visitors’ Parking Lot: Monette Booth

Entrance and Royal Palm Drive: Douglas & Katharine Mockett In Memory of Al & Christina Mockett

Visitors’ Center Courtyard: Gary M. Lalor/Butler Bay Great House

Lath House: Elizabeth Keith

Visitors’ Center Pergola: Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bodine

Kitchen Garden: Dennis and Carol Dickerson

Laura’s Garden: Janet Vollmer

Fabulous Trees: Mary & Lea Ann Robson. In memory of Pat Robson

Bromeliad Garden: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Tobin

Stone Bridge: Martha Sullivan; In Memory of Gary Thomson

Mango Moon Bridge: Bob & Joanne White

Dry Growing Palms: Jeff & Patricia Ward in Memory of Katharine Jennings Ward

Danish Cemetery: Sandi Savage

Great Lawn: Mr. Richard G. Harris in Memory of Dorothy Lowe Harris

Sweet Lime Walk: Marc & Sandra Piccierri in Memory of Sylvia I. Adams

Fountain Courtyard: In Memory of Robert A. Johnson

St. George Village Museum: Gary & Ava-Gail Bourdon

Orchid House Area: Mr. David Steinmann in Memory of Derick O. Steinmann

South West Workers’ Village: Helen Engelhardt

Upper Bromeliad Garden: In Memory of William Ralph Hall

Laura’s Garden Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. John Vollmer

Nursery: Ms. Jessica Spacil

Bougainvillea Garden: In Memory of Allan E. Neal

North East Workers’ Village: In Memory of Anne Castruccio

Fragrance Garden: Joan & Rod Naro

Wedding Garden: Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gachot

Fern Garden: In Memory of Merle Blumke

Ginger Garden: Jeff & Patricia Ward In honor of Katharine Jennings Ward

Upper Tropical Rainforest: In Memory of Frederick S. Steinmann

Lower Tropical Rainforest: Mrs. Constance Hadala in Memory of Walter S. Hadala, Sr.

East Naturalized Forest: Mr. Richard G. Harris in Memory of Helena K. Harris

Conservation Garden: Mrs. Sonya Hough In Memory of David Hough

Tropical Fruit Orchard: Dr. Thomas Zimmerman

West Indian Vegetable Garden: Warren & Barbara Wylie

James’ Garden: James Marius

Medicinal Herb Garden: Harris and Peggy Baseman

Manager’s House: Barbara & Charles Gachot in Loving Memory of Sandy Gachot

Cactus Garden South: Drs. Francis & Patricia Scola

Library Area: Capt. & Mrs. Stiles F. Stevens

Mint Gut East Bank: In Honor of The Reef Community

Spots Available for Adoption

North West Workers’ Village
This portion of the slave and workers’ village features many flowering vines, shrubs and trees amongst the ruins of the Danish-era cottages. Of special interest are varieties of Pereskia and Jatropha.
Sponsorship: $500.00

Cycad Garden
A collection of some of the most primitive of plant forms. Cycads have existed relatively unchanged for over 20 million years. These living fossils were the dominant plant type during the age of the dinosaurs.
Sponsorship: $750.00

West Naturalized Forest
This natural area along Mint Gut is an excellent example of the moist, semi-evergreen forest of St. Croix. Here, visitors will find our tallest specimen of our native Kapok Tree.
Sponsorship: $500.00

Termite Display
Here visitors can get a close look at a deadwood termite colony. This impressive sized mound is a good example of the work of the industrious insects. While they can be very destructive, this area allows visitors to learn about the important role termintes play in a natural system.
Sponsorship: $500.00

Water Mill
The remains of the plantation-era mill are one of the few examples of this type of mill on St. Croix. It is a cool, shady area with a bench from which visitors may enjoy views of the cactus garden and factory ruins.
Sponsorship: $750.00

Thatch and Weaving Garden
One of the Heritage Gardens, this collection of trees an shrubs are examples of plants valued for the fibers produced from their leaves and stems. Plants like cotton, sisal, and palms were used for making baskets, rope, and clothing.
Sponsorship: $500.00

Dye and Tanning Garden
Part of the Heritage Gardens, this area includes tree and shrubs that were utilized in creating color dyes for fabrics or in preparing leather.
Sponsorship: $500.00

Economically Useful Palms
A collection of mature palms valued for producing many economically important materials such as food, fiber, oils and wax.
Sponsorship: $500.00

Native Arboretum
A collection of over 40 species of trees native to St. Croix. This collection serves to show residents and visitors attractive examples of trees that can be planted to help preserve the natural diversity that makes St. Croix unique.
Sponsorship: $500.00

Mint Gut West Bank (Three Giants)
Mint Gut curves around this slope along the western edge. The three giants are specimen trees of saman, kapok and sandbox, which create a dramatic focal point in this area that will soon be enhanced by colorful tropical plantings.
Sponsorship: $750.00