From the Desk of Susan Kraeger, President of The St. Croix Orchid Society

Congratulations SCOS Members and friends!

Our 50th show this past weekend was a tremendous success thanks to all of YOU!

Many thanks to our amazing team of volunteers, especially Maria Friday who kept us all well fed, and to all of you who contributed to her delicious choices!

Thank you to our greeters and raffle sellers Apple Gidley, Dorette Finch-Carter, Toni Lance, Isabel Brady, Yvonne Liburd, and Janet Wick.  You were terrific!   

And, congratulations to our exhibitors!  I believe at final count SCOS members won 7 AOS awards, which is a terrific number!  

Bravo and Brava to all of you who displayed – Rosemary Walcott, Magda Finch, Michelle Thurland-Martinez, Janet Wick, Tom Callahan, Mike and Donna Trappen, Emelyn Morris Sayre, Sonia Jacobs Dow, Zoraida Jacobs, Jeannette Fabio, Anne Marie Andrews, Mary Duggan and Debra Tryon.  

I am delighted to say that I won my first AOS Certificate of Merit for the educational display Meet the Natives that I put together with the help of Magda Finch and Michelle Thurland-Martinez who donated a blooming Tetramicra and a St. Thomas Psychilis to help illustrate our native orchid species.  

Since The St Croix Orchid Society’s first show in the Great Hall at the Garden in 2018, SCOS member Anne Marie Andrews has created an orchid display that allows the St. George Village Botanical Garden to participate in the show and be judged along with the many other exhibits.  

This year, Ms. Andrews double table top display for the SGVBG titled Gentle Jubilee featured orchids from the Botanical Garden’s own collection as well as her own, and it won the much coveted American Orchid Society Show Trophy!   

A photo of the Garden’s display will appear in the AOS Orchid Magazine along with the 6 other AOS Certificates of Merit awarded to SCOS members at this show.

As always, it was a TREMENDOUS TEAM EFFORT!   And what a TREMENDOUS TEAM!

welcome new SCOS members who joined SCOS at the Show:

  • Jenny Keith
  • Pat Sellergren
  • Catherine Charles
  • Ziva Sanchez
  • Molly Winkelman
  • Christie Powers
  • William and Julie Bochnke
  • Peter Durkin and Cecelia Cinio-Durkin
  • Elvita Glouden

We look forward to getting to know you all better!  

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