From Becca’s Desk – December 2021

As the heat of October faded away, November greeted us with the long anticipated Christmas Winds.  The air cooled down, children picked up their kites, and surfers headed to the beach to take advantage of the very brief time of year when the calm Caribbean Sea breaks waves across the St. Croix shoreline.  In the swirling breeze of the Christmas Winds, the St. George Village Botanical Garden welcomed another distinct season here: butterfly season.

A riot of orange, yellow, and white butterfly wings fluttered across the butterfly garden by the Great Hall.  The button sage, Buddha belly, zinnia, and cockscomb flashed in the sun, as the butterflies sipped the nectar from each bloom, thankful for the abundance.

The butterflies aren’t the only ones who are thankful this time of year.  The St. George Village Botanical Garden is so thankful and so grateful for all of the support you have given us over the years.  Thank you to our incredible volunteers who boldly spend the heat of the day among the flowers, armed with gardening gloves and shovels, or outfitted with portable speakers and an encyclopedic knowledge of the garden and its history.  Thank you to our generous donors, who keep our doors open and our plumbing repaired!  Thank you to all of our members, you truly make the garden so much fun!  Sending a BIG thank you to our amazing staff.  The synergy we have together has turned this garden into a sanctuary.  Thank you to our Board of Directors, you are the rock that both Isidor and myself lean on.  Your guidance, patience, and humor has been incredible for staff morale.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!

Becca Mendelson Hughson

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