Our Collections

Puerto Rican Royal Palms line the entrance drive

St. George Village Botanical Garden is dedicated to conservation and preservation of both the historical and living collections on its grounds.

The Garden’s mission is to conserve the native plant species of St. Croix, as well as threatened species of other Caribbean islands suited to local environmental conditions. In addition, the Garden preserves the ethno-botanical history of St. Croix through living, graphic and structural displays.

Through its gardens and collections, it is a center of education for better understanding, not only of the island’s botanical heritage, but also the horticultural potential for contemporary gardening in the Virgin Islands.

The Living Collection

There are over 1500 varieties of plants in the Garden. Take a glimpse at some of our collections:

The Historical Collection

The collection includes artifacts ranging from pre-Columbians through the plantation era.

The Library

The Library is currently housed in a post-Emancipation workers’ cottage which was restored in the early 1980’s, and consists of approximately 500 volumes. While small, the library contains specialized reference materials covering Caribbean flora and history.


The general interest library volumes are available to members by appointment. An online listing of the library’s holdings is planned for the future.